I am a currently studying my Masters of Architecture degree at the University of Lincoln. I have been wanting to be an architect since I was 8 years old, after reading one of my childhood favourite books Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. Within the book a character, Annabeth, aspires to be an Architect and so being 8 years old and not sure what that was I looked it up. Upon finding the definition I became infatuated and began to say I wanted to become an Architect and it has been this way ever since.
This worked out well for me with my Dad and my Uncle both being Quantity Surveyors, I have been able to be a part of the construction industry and learn how it works. My Dad then created his own construction company, which I actually worked at for awhile, in which allowed me to go to construction sites and see the construction of buildings from drawing to completion.
Though other than my love for architecture, my families existence in the construction industry, there is plenty more to me than this. As I was growing up, I tried as many sports as I could. Having played Football, Rugby, Cricket, Basketball, Tennis, Athletics, Trampolining, Climbing, Skiing, Fencing, Swimming, Ice Climbing, Archery, Kayaking, Canoeing, Canyoning and Mountaineering. I competed in Football, Rugby and Basketball teams and competed within Trampolining. Though I am currently participating in Fencing and Climbing at University.
On top of this I am still a massive nerd, I love watching TV and Films as well as thinking about them critically. I love learning more about Physics, Maths, Philosophy and Ancient History specifically Mythology and Pantheons. I am also writing several of my own novels as well as writing Dungeons and Dragons Campaign Setting and running Dungeons and Dragons sessions for my friends.
Coming to the end of my final year of my undergraduate, I had to deal with the added pressures of Covid-19. Surpassing these issues I made the decision to go straight into my masters degree, in order to progress my learning and capability during this unprecedented time.
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